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Agile Cargo manages freight forwarding services by air, sea and land and has over 40 years of experience in the international freight transport sector.

Only for the register of companies Agile Cargo is in fact a newly established company, in reality Agile Cargo is a company that presents two generations of international freight forwarders, previously it was said transport broker, and with the handover it was decided to give a new name to what was previously called SpedImport Srl by Manlio Ferrini.

The new name Agile Cargo reflects what has always been the company philosophy, that is a lean organization and structure, based on synergies with business partners and a dense network of trusted correspondent shippers around the world; in order to respond to any type of need of international freight transport, reducing costs and times but maximizing yield.

Our mission is to simplify the process of international freight shipments, intervening on the different phases of this, aware that by simplifying processes and procedures, and ensuring punctuality and reliability, we accelerate the expansion in the reference market of our customers and therefore guaranteeing our own growth.

Obviously the novelties do not end with the name, the new company organization, now divided between Business and Private markets, allows us to respond in a timely manner to the different needs of these two realities, offering for each of these services commensurate with their real needs.

Moreover, with the introduction of the new intermodal rail transport services that cover the entire Eurasian route, we have continued our vocation as an international shipping company specialized in long-haul routes, and thanks to this new piece, we are proud to say that today we can offer 360 ° freight transport solutions.

If you are looking for a trusted and competent international freight forwarder, you are in the right place. Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

The advantages of relying on Agile Cargo
We guarantee you a punctual service, quickly at competitive rates.

We offer a complete overview of the possible transport solutions, creating tailor-made services for each customer.

International Freight Forwarders for over 40 years.

Global Network
Global Network
Thanks to a dense network of trusted freight forwarders, we are able to reach any destination, even the most remote.

Continued Assistance
Continuous assistance
We take care of every customer.
Before, During and After each shipment.

“Our mission is to simplify the freight forwarding process, aware that by simplifying processes and procedures and ensuring punctuality and reliability, we accelerate the growth of our customers in their respective reference markets, thus ensuring our own growth.”

Managing Director Agile Cargo Firma
Fabrizio Ferrini

Agile Cargo International Shipments Agile Cargo manages international shipments of goods for small and large companies, commercial distributors or for individuals who intend to ship their personal belongings abroad; integrating freight services by air, sea, land or intermodal when necessary. We specialize in long-haul freight shipments, i.e. in intercontinental shipments or outside the European community, and we are able to reach even the most difficult and remote destinations that are not always served by other operators in the sector. We offer a flexible service that adapts to different needs, and we can take care of every phase of the freight transport process in order to offer customized solutions and in line with the peculiarities of each market sector or customer need. From direct shipments to consolidated ones, both in prepaid and with debit at destination, from the completion of customs formalities to administrative and bureaucratic ones; from the collection of goods to international door-to-door shipments; to conclude with packaging, repackaging and assembly services at our warehouses in Fiumicino. All this, always guaranteeing a fast, reliable, safe and affordable service, thanks to the choice of the most suitable means of transport and the most convenient routes. Aereo Cargo Agile Cargo’s air shipments The air freight service is the flagship of Agile Cargo. For over 40 years we have been offering our customers this service and over time we have specialized in long-haul routes. The international transport of goods for our business customers can start from any Italian airport; while we take care of the shipments of our private customers using only the Fiumicino airport in Rome, this to ensure always high quality standards. We carry out both direct and consolidated air shipments, and in addition to air freight we can assist our customers with customs, packaging and storage operations at our warehouse in Fiumicino. Discover all the air freight services of Agile Cargo. Agile Cargo’s maritime shipments Shipments by sea are the ultimate in international freight transport. Thanks to the high load capacity of cargo ships and low costs, maritime shipments are the most widely used freight transport solution in the world. Agile Cargo manages freight shipments by sea both through complete containers (Full Container Load), and through the groupage formula (Less Container Load) when this is possible, both for companies and individuals. In addition to maritime freight and customs operations, we can take care of the packaging and loading of containers at our warehouse. Discover the services dedicated to the international transport of goods by sea of Agile Cargo. Container Porto Treno Merci Shipments Rubber + Rail Agile Cargo To ensure an increasingly high level of service, we have decided to introduce among our international shipping services, the intermodal freight transport solution (Rubber + Rail). Intermodal freight transport is dedicated exclusively to business customers, and covers the Eurasian route (Europe, Russia, countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States and China) combining the flexibility of road transport with the efficiency of rail transport. If you want to know more about intermodal freight transport, click below.

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