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55-57 Nguyen Van Giai, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Freight Forwarders


Advantage Logistics is an enterprise operating in the field of freight forwarding. Currently, we are providing customers and partners with key services including Import and Export Entrustment , Domestic and International Transportation (sea, air, road and inland waterways), Customs Services and Warehousing services (cold storage, refrigerated containers).

Since its establishment until now, under the leadership of the Board of Directors with many years of experience in the freight forwarding industry, especially sea transportation, along with a very dynamic, dedicated and overflowing staff. Enthusiastic, Advantage Logistics has quickly promoted its strengths and continuously achieved high annual growth results in terms of both size, operating market and service quality.

Advantage Logistics operates with the motto HUMAN-centered, we always value humanity, live with compassion and behave humanely.

For CUSTOMERS, Advantage strives to advise and provide services to optimize cost and time. We always consider customers as friends and relatives. In addition to enthusiastically supporting and consulting logistics services, we also bring customers many opportunities for international trade and business as well as many other useful information about seminars, forums, status updates. import and export market,… through Facebook and Zalo channels.

For EMPLOYEES, Advantage we want you to always feel happy, happy and satisfied, so that we can serve customers in the most comfortable mood with affection, and have the motivation to stick. with the company longer term.

Advantage Logistics also always cares and takes care of its PARTNERS and SHAREHOLDERS. Every year on holidays and Tet, Advantage has gratitude gifts and emotional handwritten letters sent to them. Reminding ourselves that giving is getting back, so we always share everything we know and have with the COMMUNITY both online and in real life.

Currently, Advantage owns 2 large communities on facebook, Import-Export – Logistics and Import-Export Trade Connection . Advantage Logistics also regularly participates in social and volunteer activities and accompanies many volunteer clubs and Logistics clubs on universities in Ho Chi Minh City.

Advantage is currently a member of 5 global logistics networks ( BLING , WORLD BLN , AON WORLD , FDX and CARGO CONNECTIONS ) and 2 Vietnam Logistics organizations ( Vietnam Logistics Business Association VLA and City Logistics Association ) Ho Chi Minh City HLA )

We operate with the ultimate purpose of bringing value and benefits to both CUSTOMERS, EMPLOYEES, PARTNERS, SHAREHOLDERS and COMMUNITY.

With advantages such as a wide agent network, good relationships with many shipping lines and transport partners, proficient in processes, policies and procedures for many commodities, a dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly staff. responsible… Import-export businesses when working with Advantage Logistics will save a lot of manpower, costs and limit risks in the process of goods circulation.

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