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At Advance Cargo, we pride ourselves in maintaining and establishing new, sustainable and responsible logistics relationships between companies and their customers, making us the optimal strategic partner to meet any need you may ask us, whether it be storage, control, handling, packaging, distribution and management.

The process of transport and distribution of products and merchandise is key when defining customer satisfaction. The Advance Cargo team will perfectly complete the entire logistics and supply chain process, minimizing the worries and setbacks that the task may entail.

We use the most complete management software on the market; an online access platform that allows you to check the status of the logistics activity at all times, in order to have a complete traceability of the acquired goods. Through this tool, it is possible to consult all logistic operations, thus providing the user with total visibility and ability to analyze at all times and intuitively.

Your company will have access to the information of each and every one of the materials that make up your stock, with their respective references, photographs and all the documentation that may be associated.

We will accompany you at all times through an adequate induction process, which will allow you to use the tool properly and according to your needs, in order to maintain the transparency that characterizes us and adequate control at all times during your logistics process.

You can count on us to make sure that your shipment will be treated as expected.

Air transport offers our customers a faster service and therefore shorter delivery times. We have an extensive network of collaborators around the world and agreements with the main airlines to
ensure all the options available at all times.

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