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Microaire® PAL® System
Plastic surgeons trust the MicroAire ® PAL ® System . 8 out of 10 who use Power Assisted Liposuction technologies use it.

PAL® is a powerful precision body contouring system designed to reduce OR time, decrease surgeon fatigue, and speed patient recovery compared to traditional liposuction.

This system is indicated for the removal of tissue and fluid from the body during general surgical procedures, including liposuction for aesthetic body contouring purposes.

MicroAire Logo
MicroAire Device
Surgeon using MicroAire PAL

Comparing the speed of the aspirated volume per minute, 31% more is obtained than in manual liposuction. Therefore, it reduces operating room time by up to 35%.

It is proven that surgeon fatigue is reduced by at least 49%. Procedures are safer and more precise with superior results.

It has been shown that the quality of the adipocytes obtained are very similar to those of manual liposuction, making it the perfect ally for lipotransfer.

Electric Console 5020
Operation with one or two handpieces.
Pressure Sensitive Touch Screen (This is not a smart device and needs pressure to activate.)
“Plug and Play” installation capability.
Intuitive graphical user interface.
MicroAire PAL operation

Electric handpiece PAL-650
It has a power regulator that adjusts the cycles per minute (executes up to 4000 cycles/minute with a 2.8 mm stroke).

MicroAire Apparatus

The correct use of the equipment by health personnel is key to its care.

Do not twist the cables when connecting or disconnecting.
Be sure to put the caps on during cleaning and washing.
Remove caps during drying and sterilization.
Allow electrical components to cool down after sterilization for reuse.
MicroAire Single Port Cannulae
Monoport Cannulae
90° extraction.
Less aggressive, moderate volume.
Good for sensitive areas like the neck or back.
The ports can be moved away from the skin to avoid surface irregularities.
Mercedes MicroAire cannulas
Mercedes cannulas
360° extraction.
Moderately aggressive, lots of volume.
The most popular type of cannula.
MicroAire double Mercedes cannulas
Double Mercedes cannulas
360° extraction.
Aggressive, lots of volume.
Good for fibrous tissues and for high volume extraction.
Tri-Port MicroAire Cannulae
Tri-Port II Cannulas with Mirror
270° extraction.
Aggressive, lots of volume.
The ports can be moved away from the skin to avoid surface irregularities.
Tri-Port II MicroAire Cannulas
Tri-Port II Cannulae
270° extraction.
Aggressive, lots of volume.
The ports can be moved away from the skin to avoid surface irregularities.
Tri-Port III MicroAire Cannulas
Tri-Port III Cannulae
90° extraction.
Moderately aggressive, moderate volume.
The ports can be moved away from the skin to avoid surface irregularities.Turbo PAL® Cannulae
Turbo cannulas allow air to exit through the tube during liposuction, thus offering better flow rates. Therefore, they are not recommended for extracting fat intended for reinjection.Summer is here and with it the desire to show off our figure, but there are times when exercise and a healthy diet is not enough to get what we want. Luckily, technological advances are positioned on our side with countless solutions to achieve the desired result. One of the most requested methods is liposuction, and thanks to MicroAire PAL, great advances have been made in this field.

What is MicroAire PAL?
MicroAire PAL is a precision surgical instrument used specifically for liposuction. It uses the PAL system (Power-Assisted Liposuction), a state-of-the-art technology that allows easy extraction and collection of fat due to its vibrating cannulas, which slide through the fatty tissue, reducing both the physical effort of the surgeon as well as the the duration of the surgery.

What advantages does it have?
MicroAire PAL features a host of improvements over traditional liposuction. Thanks to the movement of the cannulas, surgeons have greater control over the lipoaspirate, so the surgery time and the trauma caused are less. In addition, the size of these cannulas is narrower, allowing better results and minimizing any risk. Finally, it should be noted that as it is a system that does not use heat, there is no risk of burning.

In short, MicroAire PAL offers:
– Faster and more effective surgery.
– Less pain in the post-operative period.
– Less recovery time.
– Minimize surgeon fatigue.
– Decrease in irregularities in the skin.
– Low risk of trauma or bleeding.

What areas can be treated?
MicroAire PAL is capable of easily removing fat from almost any area of ​​the body:
– Thighs and crotch.
– Knees and ankles.
– abdomen.
– Holsters and flanks.
– Face and neck.
– Arms and legs.
-Back, sides.

In short, we can safely say that MicroAire PAL represents a before and after in the liposuction technique. Surgeons with MicroAire at their disposal say it is indispensable equipment, and patients are getting great results with a very quick recovery.

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