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About Alpine Marine Services(Private) Limited

Ship Stores & Bunker Supplies Arrangement and coordination for supply of ship stores and provision to ships at our ports through quality compliant and approved suppliers, who maintain inventory of dry & fresh provisions, also deliver tank-hold cleaning material and engine-deck stores etc at very competitive prices. The requirement of bunker supplies (fuel ,diesel, lube oils) is also sourced competitively, subject to prior notice, while it can also be coordinated for supply through local suppliers who represent the international bunker traders.

In order to facilitate Ship Masters and Owners at the Pakistani ports, ALPINE through their port approved contractors, undertakes waste management and disposal of oily sludge, bilge water, slops and garbage from ships, fully complying with the Marpol 73,78 guidelines. We also provide shore gang for hold and hatch cleaning, arrange removal of remnants of fumigation material, outdated & off-spec stores, empty drums, expired medicines etc.

Identifying and plotting the risks of complex projects, requires experience and expertise. Thorough organization and tenacity enable us to deliver customized solutions for any project across Pakistan. In consultation with our clients, we provide integrated solutions that fit each individual project.

Medical Emergencies to crew onboard while in port or at customary anchorages are promptly attended-to through well-equipped ambulance service at major Hospitals served by specialist physicians,surgeons and laboratory facilities as per the requirement. Our agency is also capable to handle MediEvac service for vessels stationed or anchored off-shore and deliver response in shortest time for conducting any casualty to hospital.

We have arrangements with Bank to process CTM from owners and managers of vessel in shortest possible time, thus we can arrange safe delivery onboard with prior arrangements and as per the advised denomination.

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